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The Trike & Odyssey Racing Club (as it was originally known) has been around since 1984 and was inspired by the growing number of Honda Odyssey’s and Trikes being sold throughout Australia . Everyone seemed to own an Odyssey with nowhere to drive it and it was a similar story with the trikes.

Racing was initially held at a range of different venues including Granite Park, Seymour, Wattle Speedway, Drouin, Moe Speedway and the Labertouche Motorbike bike.

In 1985, an interstate 3 hour endure race was held at Labertouche, attracting the largest gathering of Odyessy's Australia has ever witnessed. The event was open to all buggies, including stock fl 250, 350, super modified and open buggies. The buggies raced in the morning, and trikes in the afternoon.

The event was finally won by Kelvin Burns from Ringwood Victoria in a stock fl 250. And Kelvin's prize, a brand new FL 250 sponsored by Honda Australia.

A group of like minded owners got together and started racing on a piece of leased land at Kyneton in Victoria. Later came the quads looking for somewhere to race and club numbers swelled with races comprising of up to thirty vehicles. Although trikes were banned years ago and quads founded their own club, the Trike & Odyssey Racing Club carried on with a large group of die hard boffins racing Odyssey’s from the FL250, FL350 and the Pilot to those determined to exercise their engineering skills and build one off fire breathing monsters that became the Open Class machines.

Originally the Open Class buggies were up to 1000cc but with the increased capacity of Japanese road bikes the class has now increased to 1300cc. Along with the more advanced and larger capacity engines also came fuel injection which we accepted into our rules in 2004. When you add up the sums a 1300cc 175HP engine in a 380KG buggy makes for some serious entertainment. The entry level FL 250 on its own is quite a tame machine but when a track is full of them are fighting for the first corner they can make for some spectacular racing.

The FL350 broke into two classes with a standard 350 class with very limited modifications to a beefed up version which was tagged the Super Modified Class. These Super Mod machines have now been tweaked so far that they are not too far behind their Open Class rivals. You can pick the Super Modified class racers a mile away. They are always the ones patting each other on the back and crying with laughter in the pits after six laps of the Kyneton track. It’s extraordinarily cost effective motorsport with an amazing bang for your buck.

In 2006 our rules and regulations were re-submitted to CAMS to update the specifications of machines and at that time ties were cut with our trike and quad friends for good by renaming the club TORC Off Road Racing Club Inc. Many names were suggested but it was agreed by all the name TORC should remain as a mark of respect for our original members. We also accommodated plan built machines which to that time had never been compliant in the club. Nowadays plan built Edge type buggies make up a large part of our field.

Over the years we have built up quite an impressive track at Kyneton with further works continually going on. In 2007 an extra 300m of track was laid with some extra jumps to challenge drivers. This also gave us another four variations of our track.

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Man and Machine visit the TORC Off Road Racing Club in Kyneton. Glenn Everitt takes Caleb's buggy for a spin and has an insanely good time.

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